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Studio 8 Design Inc.

We are a fully accredited Interior Design firm servicing Toronto and the GTA.  

We excel at creating exceptional design concepts and effectively overseeing their implementation.  

Principles we live and work by:

  • Less is more 

  • Thoughtful detail

  • Natural elements

  • Beauty

  • Simplicity

  • Everything in it`s place

  • Authenticity

  • Sustainability

  • Connection

  • Hygge

  • Cherishing every moment

  • Slow Living

  • The belief that great design improves quality of life


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Azen Bongard 


Partner, Interior Designer

Azen`s goal in life is to craft the best life possible, and her interior design work allows her to extend that to her client`s lives as well. She has a passion for beautiful, contemporary design that warms the soul and elevates the spirit. Her 20 years working as a high end Interior Designer have given her a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience that she applies to every job she works on. Her talent, dedication, and the degree to which she cares about each job make her an outstanding member of our team.


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Kevin Bongard

Partner, Project Manager - B ARCH

Kevin’s role as Project Manager is to keep jobs running smoothly both internally and externally. He oversees day to day operations at Studio 8 Design, and provides full service Project Management when jobs require it. This can include Construction Coordination, Tendering, issuing Addendae, Site Visits and Meetings with the team. His 17 years experience as a Project Manager for high end Interior Design firms has allowed him to become expert in managing all stages of design from concept through to completion. He is highly skilled at creating a collaborative environment and leveraging the input from all disciplines for the betterment of the project.





Our studio includes some of the most talented individuals in the industry. They are skilled in design, technical drawings, graphics, and 3D rendering. For each project we put together a team of individuals who are perfectly suited to the needs of the project. This team becomes a major part of the success of each job.